Water bottling plant machines


24-24-6 rinsing, filling and capping water bottling machine: High speed model c 15000BPH(500ml)

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Air conveyor is supported on the ground, with air fan installed above the conveyor. Air filter is installed in

the door of every fan, to avoid dust blown into bottles. Bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier

plate in the conveyor, and transported into filling monoblock.

Main technical parameter

l Type: F-9

l Power: 2.2KW/set

Bottle Rinser, Filler and Capper Water filling machine 3-in-1 machine: High speed version

24-24-6 series rinsing, filling and capping three in one filling equipment features a high precision filling. Magnetic capping heads for quality capping. Neck support to run different bottle configurations as well as preventing contamination. The capacity of the machine is 15,000 BPH (500ml). Machine use frequency variable motor, none brand PLC and other electronic components, such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Airtac etc…

Main technical parameter

Model: 24-24-6: HIGH SPEED VERSION

Capacity: 14,000-15,000 BPH (500ml)

Suitable bottle: Φ50-Φ115mm H=190-320mm

air resource pressure:  0.7MPa

air consumption: 0.5m3/min

bottle washing water pressure: 0.2-0.25MPa

bottle washing consumption: 1.0 T/H

main motor power: 3 KW

overall size: 3,050×2,630×2,700 MM

total weight: 9,000kg

Key electrical parts
Main motor WEG Brazil
Water Pump Nanfang China
Frequency converter Mitsubishi Japan
PLC Control Mitsubishi Japan
Mechanic overload Schneider France
Pneumatic components AirTac Taiwan
Photocell switch Omron Japan
Micro relay Omron Japan
Breakers Schneider France
Touch screen WEINVIEW Taiwan
Proximity switch Omron Japan

Bottle washing water recycling tank  and Ozone generator

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Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine 

 Main technical parameters
Capacity:                                                           0-250 B/M
Suitable bottle (mouth) diameter:              Φ50~Φ90 mm
Label length:                                                    40~180 mm
Label thickness:                                               0.035~0.10 mm
Label shrinking type:                                       steam
Label material:                                                 PVC, PET, OPS
Steam generator, steam pressure:               5Kg/cm2
Power consumption, main motor power,  AC380V, 50/60HZ, 3KW, 3 phases
steam generator power,                                AC380V, 50/60HZ, 1. 5KW, 3 phases
Main machine size,                                          2,500×1,200×2,200mm (L×W×H)

Key electrical parts

Programmable controller Panasonic Japan
Frequency converter Panasonic Japan
Sensor Sick German
Touch screen Schneider France
Servo system Panasonic Japan
Low power a-c dynamo Schneider France
Low power electric appliance Schneider France
Synchronous belt GATES American
Steam extraction fan China

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Automatic PE film shrink packaging machine

YCBS25 automatic PE film shrinking wrapping machine is a new type high efficiency packing equipment, which is designed according to the characters of the thermal shrinking film. It can place the bottles in lines, groups and pack them in thermal shrinking film automatically. Wrapped bottles will be conveyed into the thermal shrinking tunnel to shrink the film and conveyed into the cooling tunnel to cool the film. Bottles after packing will be wrapped and easy to transport. At the same time, products packed with PE film will save on packaging cost for the manufacturers.

Technology flow chart

Bottle conveying into the machine by conveying belt → bottles are separated into different lines → → bottles are divided into groups → film loading → film wrapping → film thermal shrinking → → wrapped film cooling → wrapped bottles conveying out →  (warehouse).

Main structure machine

Whole equipment is composed of bottle conveying belt, bottle wrapping unit, film thermal shrinking unit, film cooling unit, power roller transportation unit and electrical controlling system, pneumatic controlling system, etc.

Bottle conveying belt

Bottle conveying in-feed belt is made of roll ball guard bar, roll ball bottle separating plate, multistage bottle conveying belt.

Bottle wrapping unit
Bottle wrapping unit is composed of machine body frame, bottles separating module, bottle pushing module, film loading module, film wrapping module.

  • B-1: Bottle separating module is used to separate the bottles to different group. By groups, bottles will be pushed to next module
  • B-2: Bottle pushing module is used to push the bottles into next unit.
  • B-3: Film loading unit is used to supply and load the film.
  • B-4: Film wrapping unit is used to wrap the grouped bottles when they are moving. It can adjust the length of the film by servo system.

Shrink wrapping unit

Main part of this unit is the film thermal shrinking tunnel. It is used to shrink the bottles packed. With set temperature, film will shrink and wrap grouped bottles.

Film cooling unit

Film cooling tunnel is used to cool the film after shrinking. Cooling by air, film will be cooled in a short time and it will be strong. Easy to transport.

Main technical parameters
  1.  Bottle volume and packing combination:        500ml-3×4, 4×6, 3×6
  2. Machine working electric voltage:                     3 phases 5 wires, 380V/50Hz
  3. Machine control electric voltage:                       DC24V
  4. Compressed air: pressure:                                   0.6~0.8Mpa (no oil, no water)
  5. Packing speed:                                                        15-20 packages/minute
  6. Film shrinking tunnel size:                                  L×W×H=2400×650×450(mm)
  7. Film shrinking temperature:                               200℃~280℃
  8. Packing material:                                                   LDPE
  9. Working noise:                                                       ≤65dB
  10. Average power:                                                       25KW
  11. Gross weight:                                                          2600kg
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Shrink wrapping machine

Full bottle conveying-buffering system

The effectiveness of the production line has been influenced by conveying system. When matching the conveying system, it needs transferring in this process, this transferring influence running of the whole line and the conveying system can connect all machines well. Reasonable conveying system can connect and keep the whole processing line running well. Our conveying system is designed on request from clients. The whole system has the robust structure. Main parts are made steel and powder coated, light weight, easy change over, reliable, easy maintenance. It is suitable for φ40~φ110 mm bottles. PLC system controls the whole system, run automatically.

Main features

  1. The conveying system is designed segments, the parts can be changed easily. Low noise, easily installed, easily maintained. Side rails can be set to run different capacity and bottle shapes.
  2. Electrical system designs is advanced and responsive.
  3. The panel position can be set by the clients’ requirements or the system layout.
  4. Main structures are made by stainless steel, conveying chains, motor and speed reducer are from none brands.
Pcs Specification
Air infeed conveyor
1 2 meter of infeed conveyoring
Triblock rinsing filling and capping machine
1 GGF 24-24-6 water filling 3-in-1 machine
Water buffer tank
1 1000 liter, fully enclosed, food grade ss
Ozone generator
1 5g/hour
Ozone feed system
1 304 stainless steel pipe, valves, connectors
Cap elevator
1 To feed the filler from floor level
Finished product conveyor
1 30 meters + 4 bends
Buffer conveyor
2 Four lines filled bottle buffering and conveying belt
Labelling machine
1 Shrink sleeve labelling achine with steam tunnel
Date batch printing machine
1 Elfin2 x 4 ink cartriges
Shrink wrapping machine
1 Automatic @ 15×24 packs per minute
Pipe work and installation
including restructuring the factory to accomodate the filling line
Total Price ex vat