Fruit pieces and liquid packaging machine – PACKAGED IN DOY BAG

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  • Hopper Bucket Elevator + Platform
  • Hopper Bucket Elevator + Platform
  • Multi head weighing system
  • Sachet packaging machine
  • Liquid oil piston filler
  • Nitrogen flush
  • Metal detector & Check weigher

Operating principle

Mango pieces get sent using the bucket elevator to the multi-head weighing system which doses the pre-programmed weight of product into the sachet which then gets dosed with liquid oil, sealed and ejected.
Bag Feeding – Date Print – Pouch Opening – Error detect sensor: no filling while pouch is not open or abnormal open – Product Filling – Liquid filling –Error detect weigh cell: no filling no pouch no seal – Heat Sealing – Seal Cooling – Exit conveyor.

Hopper bucket elevator platform

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Multi-head weighing system

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  • IP65 waterproof, easy for cleaning after daily work;
  • IP65 waterproof, easy for cleaning after daily work;
  • Auto feeding, weighing and delivery sticky product into bagger smoothly
  • Screw feeder pan handle sticky product moving forward easily;
  • Scraper gate prevents the products from being trapped into or cut. The result is more precise weighing,
  • Memory hopper on third level to increase weighing speed and precision;
  • All food contact parts can be take out without tool, easy cleaning after daily work;
  • Suitable to integrate with feeding conveyor & auto bagger in auto weighing and packing line;
  • Infinite adjustable speed on delivery belts according to different product feature;
  • Special heating design in electronic box to prevent high humidity environment.

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Specifications & Technical 

  • Hopper volume 0.5 L
  • Weighing range 20-150g
  • Average tolerance +-1-2g
  • Water proof IP54
  • Preset number program 100
  • Display 10.4-inch TFT color screen
  • Speed max- 40 packs per minute. i.e. if the weight of the mango is 70g or less
  • Power – 2.2 kw/220V 50 HZz
  • Low maintenance

Sachet packaging machine

Bag Feeding – Date Print – Pouch Opening – Error detect sensor: no filling while pouch is not open or abnormal open – Product Filling – Liquid filling –Error detect weigh cell: no filling no pouch no seal – Heat Sealing – Seal Cooling – Exit conveyor.

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Easy to operate, advanced SIEMENS PLC and full colour touch screen control system.

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  1. Transmission cam is 38CrMoAl material, the heat treatment hardness is ≥HR60 degree.
  2. Shaft is made by 45# grinder, the surface is smooth, wear-resistant and durable.
  3. In addition to the transmission parts, the packaging machine table and accessories are food grade 304 stainless steel material for cleaning.
  4. Machine speed controlled and adjusted by a “Delta” frequency converter.

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Includes Japanese Dry Type vacuum pump for an ideal vacuum section of the pouch pickup opening, low noise, low maintenance.

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Open bag

Automatic control: non-filled /not sealed/no pouch or in case of pouch opening errors, the pouch can be used again. Highly reliable pouch detection system. Not only by vacuum but also by a special sensor the bag presence and wrong bags opening is detected.

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Bag detection and Material detection 

Easy changeover for different pouch sizes. The gripper width can be adjusted automatically form the touch screen panel

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Specifications & Technical

  • Working station:
  • Working station: 8
  • Pouch size width : 100 – 200mm
  • Pouch size width : ≤350mm
  • Mechanical speed: 40  pouches/min
  • Max Fill: 1000g, depending on the product density
  • Pouch type: four-side seal bag, stand-up pouch, zipper bag, three-side seal bag, paper bag
  • Pouch material: heat sealable laminated film
  • Electric connection:  2.2 KW/220V 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 2.5kw
  • Air consumption: 400L/Min
  • Operation: very low maintenance.
  • Machine  size: 4100×2500×4100mm(including height of feeder)

Position filler for oil dosing

  • Single head filler configuration
  • Multi-stroke operations (Multiple doses per container)
  • Pneumatic operation • Direct from drum draw kit

Sanitary contact parts and fluid path Options:

  • Thin nozzles (For products that string or drip)
  • Long nozzles (For bottom up filling to reduce foam)
  • Chunky product butterfly valves for products with particulates
  • Heat or corrosive product packages (Contact parts and tubing)
  • Positive off nozzles
  • Product suck-back kits (Prevents Dripping)

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Metal detector and check weigher

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WW Series is a combined unit for metal and weight detection. Compact design, with two rejecting arms for respectively detecting metallic impurities and weight of product. The best solution for online metal and weight detection.


Tunnel size:                          330mm (width) x 150mm (height)
Passing through area:        280mm (Width) x 110mm (height)
Sorting accuracy:               ±0.5g Weighing range: 5g-900g
Conveyer belt speed:         10-45m/min
Power:                                   350W
Weight:                                 About 160kg

Specifications & price calculation


Pcs Specification
Hopper Bucket Elevator + Platform
1 304SS
Multi-head Weighing System
1 3 rows x 8 hopper 0.5L
Sachet packing machine
1 For premade bags
Piston filling machine
1 For oil dosing
Nitrogen doser
1 Online
Final inspection equipment
1 Metal detector and check weigher