7000 BPH liquid filling, capping & labelling machine for 100ml bottles (hand sanitizer)

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Infeed rotary self drive table

1,2m diameter

FP-435 Index Star wheel Liquid Filler  (including 10 meteres conveyor)

Filling system:

  • 8 piston head filler for 100ml volume
  • Filling accuracy: +/-1%
  • Pneumatic index system, bottle positioning adjustment
  • No bottle, no fill
  • pneumatic valve shut-off nozzle
  • Capacity: 120BPM

Control system

  • Program by PLC
  • Touch screen
  • Water-proof photocell detection

Filling counter

  • Emergency stop
  • Cabinet and conveyor
  • Water-proof IP65 grade
  • All sensors t be IP65 wash down
  • slat top-chain conveyor
  • Safety door and Cabinet included

Construction material

  • Liquid contact part by SUS 316
CR-415S Star wheel Servo Motor Rotary Capper with auto cap feeder (Vibration bowl)


  • Automatic capping system
  • For plastic screw
  • Capping speed:150 BPM
  • For cap size: D 20mm

Capping module

  • 8 head capping unit for plastic caps
  • Electric servo motor which allows independent control of the speed and torque within accurate limits.
  • Pneumatic Gating system (Air required)
  • Capping torque settable, no over-capping
  • Cap height adjustable

Control System:

  • Program by PLC
  • Control by HMI Display
  • Capping counter
  • Emergency stop

Construction material:

  • SUS 304 frame material and anodized aluminum
Labeling Machine LBL-450S is featuring for high speed labeling on round labeling or side labeling application Servo Motor Driven

·      PLC Program and Touch Screen for Easy work

·      Press-and-Spin ensure full wrapping with precisely

·      Dancer Arm for Excellent web tension controls

·      Variable labelling / conveyor speed

·      Air driven Gating distances bottles precisely

·      Perfect Through Beam Optic Fibre Product Sensing system

·      Height and angle are adjustable

·      Label Count Down feature/ Production Run Counter

·      Quick and easy Changeover

·      Sanitary SUS#304 and anodized aluminium frame

·      Heavy Duty Conveyor by MCC Slat Chain conveyor

Labeling Speed: 60~130 pcs/Min (Depends on Container and Label Size)

·         Bottle Size: Diameter 16~90mm

·         Label Width: 10~100mm

·         Label Length: 20~300mm

·         Label Roll: Inner diameter 75mm / Outer Diameter 300mm

·         Power: single phase 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

·         Machine Dimensions: (L)2132mm (W)980mm (H)1340mm

Outfeed rotary self drive table

1,2m diameter