3 Basket steam retort with steam boiler
Equipment list:
1 x Boiler
1 x Retort

Diesel type steam boiler

• The burner is supplied by Baltur, Italy.
• Quick start-up, can reach high temperature and pressure in short time.
• Nature circle, could handle large temperature change.
• With multi chain protection for water level and steam pressure.
• Vertical structure, small footprint, space saving and easy installation.

Technical parameters:

Model: INP-GL3000
Steam Capacity 3000 Kg/h
Rated working pressure 0.7 Mpa
Real Working pressure Can be adjusted
Hydraulic testing pressure 1.05 Mpa
Diesel 100 Kg/h
Thermal Efficiency 92%
Power Supply 400V / 50HZ / 3P
Saturated steam temperature 170℃
Main steam valve diameter 40 DN
Safety valve diameter 40 DN
Water in diameter 25 DN
Sewage valve diameter 25 DN
Chimney diameter 250 DN
Overall dimension L*W*H) 2530*1980*2650 mm

3 basket Retort model 3INP-1300R

Retort P&ID:

Control system:

  1. A retort is a pressure vessel designed to sterilize containerized food.
  2. The Control system will automatically control temperature and pressure by maintaining the
    safety parameters.
  3. The Steam-Air retort is suitable for canned product.
  4. Special perforated layer pads ensure good steam and water flow between product layers.
  5. The basic process:
    • Load Product and close door
    • Select Process time and temperature – Start process
    • A Pneumatic piston devise will lock the door and process will not start if signal from an
      additional proximity sensor indicates that door is locked
    • Steam control valve opened and vent valve opened
    • Venting continuous until a certain temperature is reached to ensure most air is vented out the vessel. Required for good heat transfer.
    • The Cook cycle starts when vent valve is closed
    • A 4-20mA steam modulating valve ensures accurate temperature control
    • At end of heating process, the steam valve is shutoff and cold water is slowly introduced via an on/off valve
    • As the steam collapses, compressed air can be introduced to prevent cans peaking especially during start of the cooling cycle. This becomes more important when running large can sizes.
    • Water is metered into the vessel via electronic meter to know when it is filled.
    • Water will be pushed back to the Cooling water system with compressed air (Return pump can be supplied if required instead)
    • Water can be circulated through the retort for cooling if required (pump supply to be discussed in this case)
    • After cooling, water will be pushed back to Cooling water system or drained.
    • Process complete and deactivate Pneumatic piston and open mechanically
    • Unload product
  6. All temperature and pressures will be automatically logged and stored for traceability and record keeping.
  7. All parameters will be displayed on a Colour touch screen
  8. All critical measuring instruments will have calibration certificates
  9. SFB Engineers can provide heat distribution in the retort and heat penetration trial into the product, if required.

Mechanical Specification:

  • 3 -basket static horizontal retort manufactured from 430A boiler plate.
  • Diameter 1300mm complete with bayonet type door
  • Instrument box
  • Pneumatic and mechanical connection for the door lock
  • Steam control 4-20mA modulating valve
  • Vent valve
  • Compressed air inlet
  • Water inlet valve
  • Water drain
  • Condensate trap
  • Thermometer
  • PT100
  • Shut off and one-way valves
  • Dial Pressure gauge 0 – 4 bar
  • Dial Temperature gauge
  • Engineering drawing, supervision and tests will be done by Indserve cc, an approved inspection authority on pressure vessel
  • Stainless steel retort baskets and trolleys:
  • WxLxH = 850x900x900 mm inside dimensions.

Electrical Specification

  • Control Panel MCC in Epoxy coated Stainless steel
  • Controller Hardware and components:
  • Remote communication hardware
  • HMI Hardware: 4.3″ Colour touch screen
  • Control System Configuration
  • Software Design & Documentation
  • Stainless steel rod cable runways and cabling
  • Factory Acceptance Testing in house
Retort equipment list
RETORT MODEL 3INP-1300R (Steam-Air)
Retort shell diameter 1300mm – 3 basket
Vent – fast acting pneumatic valve
Steam Modulating control
Pneumatic Shut off valves
Non return valve
Compressed air inlet fast acting pneumatic valve
Water inlet pneumatic valve
Water drain pneumatic valve
Condensate trap
Dial Thermometer
Dial Pressure gauge 0 – 4 bar
PT100 temperature probe
Pressure transmitter
Electronic water meter
Pipework labour
Pipework material
Electrical Control
Control Panel MCC in Epoxy coated Strainless steel
Controller Hardware and components:
4,3 Inch Colour display and programming
Control System Configuration
Software Design & Documentation
Stainless steel wiremesh cable tray and cabling
Factory Acceptance Testing in house
6 of Heavy duty retort trolleys, removable baskets (stainless steel) and Polyprop layerpads


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