MODEL: Automatic Doy Bag forming and packaging machine for liquid and dry goods: HS-180 packaging main machine

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Optional Printer

  • Digit Cold Embosser
  • Thermal Printer
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Laser Printer

Description of Packaging line 

Equipment Requirements

Machine Standard                            Stand up Doy pouch

Dossing solution                               Piston filter

Sealing                                                Checkers straight

Tear notch                                         Diamond cut

Product contact parts                      316 SS food grade

Machine frame                                  304 SS

Optional printer                               Digital Cold Embosser/ Thermal Printer/ Inkjet Printer/ Laser Printer

Pneumatic components                  Festo


HS-180cPackaging Machine with pump filter

HS-180 Automatic Packaging Line include

  • One set of HS-180 packaging main machine
  • Two sets of piston pump filler
  • One set of 100L material storage tank
  • One set of material level sensor
  • NO pouch NO filling detector
  • One set of outlet conveyor
  • One set of inkjet printer
Main machine
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Packaging line 
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1. Zipper release (optional)

2. Film unwinding

3. Bottom hole punching

4. Pouch forming

5. Film guide

6. Horizontal zipper seal (optional)

7. Bottom seal

8. Vertical zipper seal (optional)

9. Vertical seal I

10. Vertical seal II

11. Tear notch

12. Photocell

13. Servo advance

14. Cutting

15. Pouch Catching

16. Pouch opening

17. Air flushing

18. filling I

19. Filling II

20. Pouch stretching

21. Top seal I

22. Top seal II

23. Finished product

24. Outlet

Equipment information

HS-180 packaging main machine standard configuration:

  • A film reel auto-alignment shaft
  • One set of bottom seal unit
  • V-shape Standard Unit
  • An independent bag former
  • Three sets of horizontal sealing unit
  • Two sets of vertical sealing unit
  • Servo pouch puller
  • Mechanical scissors
  • Vacuum bag opening device
  • Automatic material-level control system
  • A photocell tracking control system
  • A LCD touch control operation system
  • A PLC control system
  • A product outlet system
  • An operation manual in English

Technical Parameters

Pouch Width                                        90-180mm

Pouch Length                                       110-260mm

Max Volume                                         1200ml

Speed                                                      40-60 pouch/min

Accuracy                                                <+-1.5%

Reel                                                         500mm

Electricity Consumption                     6.5Kw

Air Consumption                                  200NL/min

Weight                                                    200kg

Size (L x B x W)                                     5550mm x 1100mm x 1400mm

Main Machine Electrical and Pneumatic Components

Main Components                                          Vendor

PLC                                                                   Mitsubishi Japan

Touch Screen                                                  Mitsubishi Japan

Inverter                                                            Mitsubishi Japan

Photocell                                                         Autonics Korea

Main Motor                                                     ABB Switzerland

Pneumatic Parts                                            Festo Germany

Vacuum Generator                                         SMC Japan

Temperature Controller                                 FUJI Japan

Machine features 

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Independent Film Unwind unit

  • ensures good control of film tensile force.
  • More flexible for film roll width
  • Improves doy-pack forming.

Servo System

  • easy computerized specification change.
  • Stable pouch advancement with less deviation
  • Quick torque for pouch advancement, suitable for big volume