E-catalogue _ Automatic Aerosol Packing Line 5000

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E-catalogue _ Semi-automatic Bag On Valve Aerosol Filling Machine INP-EY-2000

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No. IN-PT-5000 Breakdown Machine Introduction Technical Specification Reference Picture
1 Automatic Line

Entrance Type

Can infeed conveyor table,

2 x liquid filler, 1 x valve

positioning head, 1 x crimping her &

2 gas fillers


2 Automatic Valve Sorting & Feeding Machine


The turntable selects the valves

and transfers the valves through

the sucking air pipe to the bottle

top mouth.

l  Applicable valve: 1-inch type

l  Speed: 2400-3600pcs/h

l  Power: 0.37kw, 380V/50Hz

3 Production Date Code

Printing Machine

Channel Set


This channel set is designed to

let the cans pass while the date

code printed on the can bottom.

l  Power: 0.2kw, 220V/50Hz

l  Adjustable to fit different can sizes

FAT Included
Total, ex vat




Model Number IN-PT-5000
Main Machine Dimension 10m*1.5m*2mm
Driving Method Pneumatic
Maximum Air Consumption 1000L/Min
Working Air Pressure 0.6~0.7Mpa
Applicable Canister Type Tinplate/Aluminum/PET
Applicable Canister Diameter 35~66mm
Applicable Canister Height 70~330mm
Applicable Valve Type Male/Female
Applicable Valve Size 1 Inch
Liquid Filling Volume (Customization Available) 10 ~ 500ml(Single Head)
Propellant Gas Filling Volume (Customization Available) 0 ~ 0.6Mpa
Filling Accuracy ≤±1g
Filling Rate 10~15 Cans/Min


AEROSOL CRIMPING DR & DEPTH GAUGE (Optional) R26,000 ex vat

Measure the crimping depth and diameter from time to time to monitor crimping effect.

Display Unit mm
Application Aerosol Crimping Dimension Measuring
Measuring Span 10mm
Scale Interval 0.01mm
Applicable Valve Type Male/Female
Applicable Valve Size 1 Inch(25.4mm)