2000CPH Carbonated Beverage Canning Line:


2000 CPH – CSD beverage canning line / based on a 330ml can


Section A – Liquid Processing, Carbonation, Chilling, CIP (Clean in place)
Carbonated beverage mixing machine 4T
Water chiller 30HP
CIP cleaning system (Steam type) 500L
CIP back pump 3T/h
Steam boiler – Diesel type 100kg/h
Connection pipes and fittings Match
Section B – Filling & Packaging
Loading table 2000CPH
Can twist conveyor
Can rinsing tunnel

Including water tank, water pump

Nitrogen dozer
Filling & sealing machine 12-1 2000CPH
Can inverter
Ink jet coding machine Cartridge type
Semi auto shrink wrapper 3-4 packs/min
Conveyor Plate chain slat                                 
Shrink sleeve heat tunnel Electric type
Change part for different diameter can Filling & Capping


1) Carbonation System (4T)


The product is delivered direct from the storage tank to the stainless-steel receiver vessel which contains pump level management systems.

The product is then pumped from this vessel via the progressive cavity pump system, this ensures continues pressure. The product is then received in the carbonating pressure vessel, this vessel contains its own level control system.

Product temperature is closely monitored by its own controller which changes CO2 volumes according to the temperature change. This gives continuity of C02 within the product if a change of temperature occurs.

Before and during carbonation, de. Aeration takes place, removing any air/oxygen contained in the product.

Pressure vessel manufactured to standard and 3rd Party inspected

Production Capacity 4000 litre per hour
Mixing Volume Ratio 3.5 ~3.8
Mixing Proportion 3:1 to 6:1
Mixture Precision ≤1.5%
Pressure of Compressed air (MPa) 0.6-1
Compressed Air Consumption(m³/h) 4
Pressure of CO² (MPa) 0.8-1
CO² Consumption(m³/h) 3.5
Pressure of Purified Water(MPa) 0.1-0.2
Mixing Temperature(c) <4
Power Consumption (kw) 2
Dimension(L×W×H) (mm) 00
Net Weight(kg) 1200
C02 Volume Can be adjusted via the regulating valve

2) Chilling Unit (30HP)

  • Capacity:74990 KCAL/H
  • Current when using:58.5 A
  • Power :3N~380V/50HZ
  • Refrigerant: R22
  • Compressor type: full block out eddy circle type
  • Compressor power:11.3×2 KW
  • Fan capacity:30000 M3/H
  • Water inlet pipe diameter: G2.5inch
  • Water pump power:75 KW
  • Freeze water flowing:15 M3/H
  • Total input power:4 KW
  • water pump distance:240 Kpa
  • Overall dimension: 1960*960*1860(MM)
  • Weight: 880 KG


  • Compressor: Japan Dakin compressor, super-high efficiency, lower noisy, safe and reliable
  • Pump: Taiwan YUANLI big volume backset water pump special used for chiller. PLC interface controller.
  • Temperature controlled: Taiwan BANGPU digital temperature controller electrical board.
  • Japan KOBE cooper pipe condensator, evaporator,
  • American imported Emerson high efficiency filter.
  • Korea LG contactor, and heat relay.
  • Danfoss: EXPAND VALVE Throttle controlling.

3) CIP Cleaning System (steam type)

CIP cleaning system

The CIP, clean in place equipment is used to clean the pipe system, filling unit, tanks etc.

A centrifugal pump is used in CIP to convey cleaning liquid into the system to force the clean liquid to circulate to make cleaning without taking apart pipes or equipment. With this system, its faster to clean between batches and is a less labour intensive.

The application of the equipment must be combined with the equipment of the workshop pipe collocation and rinsing cap.

Technical parameters

  1. Working pressure
  2. Container: Liquid cylinder static pressure
  3. Replace heat tube: <0.4MPa
  4. Liquid slot: 60~80℃
  5. Clear water slot: indoor temperature
  6. Replace heat tube: <138.8℃
  7. Name of material:
  8. Store slot: 0.5% nitric acid liquid, 2% causticity alkali liquid
  9. Replace heat tube: Clear water steam
  10. The whale cubage:
  11. Acid、alkali liquid slot: 1×0.6m3
  12. Washing groove: 0.6m2
  13. Rate of carrier: 80%
  14. Volume type: normal pressure
  15. Washing stage: 2
  16. Washing time for one time: 120min.
  17. Washing process: clean water—alkali liquid-clean water-acid liquid—clean water
  18. Centrifuge in-out put screw: t55*3
  19. Centrifuge flow volume: 10t/h
  20. Centrifuge maximum distance: 39
  21. Motor power: 2.2kw 2840rpm
  22. Overall size:
  23. Weight of equipment: 1035kg

4) Oil Fired Steam Boiler (100kg/hr)

Technical parameters

Project Unit Specification
Steam Capacity Kg/hr 100
Rated working pressure Mpa 0.7
Hydraulic testing pressure Mpa 1.05
Oil consumption Kg/h 7
Thermal Efficiency / 90.5%
Water Pump Power KW 1.1
Power Supply / 380V/50Hz
Saturated steam temperature °C 170
Main steam valve diameter DN 40
Safety valve diameter DN 40
Infall diameter DN 25
Sewage valve diameter DN 40
Overall dimension L*W*H) mm 1200*1200*1650
Weight kg 800

5) Loading Table

Size:1M length *0.6M width

6) Inline Can Rinser

7) Nitrogen Doser

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine for bottling and canning application. It controls dosing volume accurately, no- -container -no-liquid dosing, small size, easy installation and could coordinate with any filling production line. Control system comprises Siemens PLC and touch screen, heat- insulated pipes which could ensure minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen and no frosting under operation condition.

NDW-300 production speed: 0-300 units/min

8) Filling & Sealing Machine (12-1)

  • Carbonated beverage can filling and sealing machine.
  • Equal pressure filling principle and automatic can seaming function
  • PLC Control and man-machine interface touch-screen siemens touch screen.
  • With high precision automatic balanced pressure filling valve and long-life sealing wheels.
  • No can no filling and no can no sealing feature.
  • Production speed can be set on the touch screen according to requirements.
  • All common malfunctions will send out alarms automatically.
  • According to different malfunction levels, the PLC will automatically determine if the operation shall continue or the machine shall be stopped.
  • Filling heads: 12pcs
  • Sealing heads: 1pcs
  • Capacity: 2000 cans per hour (330ml)
  • Can diameter: Ф65 mm
  • Can height: 120-160mm
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • Weight: 1500kgs
  • Dimension1750mm×1140mm×1950mm (L×W×H)
  • Filling pressure: 0.5Mpa
  • Filling temperature: 0-4℃
  • Remaining Oxygen Content: <0.6mg/L

Can Sealing (Seaming)

The sealing roller, alloy hardening (HRC> 62), the sealing curve is machined with an optical curve for accurate closing.
The seaming head can be adjusted according to the can size.
Taiwan capping wheel and pressure head.
No can no sealing control system to ensure the normal operation of the machine and reduce wastage.


  • During filling, the empty cans pass through the star wheels and then is raised and sealed seal gasket under the filling valve.
  • The turn block of the filling valve is opened to lease the beverage into the can.
  • Air is filled into empty can to form equal pressure to start the filling process.
  • When the liquid level in the can blocks the gas return pipe, the filling stops.
  • The de-foaming valve will slowly discharge the air and pressure, the can supporting cylinder will lower the can.
  • After it’s discharged, the can is sent to the can seaming where the can end is placed on the can and then seamed.

9) Ink Jet Coding Machine

  • 7-inch colour touchscreen display
  • Supports up to 2 print heads
  • Independent controller separated from the print
  • heads, suitable for various working environments
  • Printing height up to 25.4mm (1.0″)
  • Low periodical maintenance
  • Clean and trouble-free technology
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy integration into any production environment
  • Easy adjustment for down and side printing
  • Printing on porous or non-porous surface
  • Ability to backup settings, logos, and messages
  • User level password protection
  • Automatic recognition of inks (aqueous or solvent)
  • and application of appropriate printing parameters
  • Controller stores up to 500 messages internally
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • PC software for message template design
  • Printing speed up to 60m/min (200ft/min)
  • Resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi

10) Electric Shrink Sleeve Tunnel

Frame: Heavy duty mild steel
Finish: Powder coated (Goose grey and red structure)

Heat Chamber Dimension
Length: 2000mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 300mm

PLC: Delta DVP 14
VSD: Yaskawa

Conveyor: High Heat Modular
Switch Gear: Lovaio
MCB: Hager
Heating Capacity: 12 Kw
Geared Motors: Motovario Italy

Electrical Requirements:
38OVolts 3 phase neutral earth. (25 amps per phase)  
Speed: Up to 100pc/min

11) Exit out feed table

Material: SS304
Size:1M length *0.6M width

12) Shrink Wrapper (semi automatic)

Capacity: 2-5Bags/min
Sealing time: 0.5-1.5s 0-0.5s
Shrink film :PE /PET/POF film
Power supply  :1.8kw
Heating power:28kw(adjustable)
Conveyor loading: 25kgs
Conveyor speed:10m/minute
Film thickness: 0.04-0.12mm
Max. Packing dimension: L *W *H  450*270*350MM
Min Packing dimension: L*W*H 250*60*60MM
Machine head dimension: 1020*830*1980mm
Shrink tunnel dimension:1200*500*380mm
Machine dimension:2200*780*1470mm
Machine weight :450KG


13) Conveyor

  • Buffer time 3~4 minute
  • 304 stainless steel frame
  • PLC control, automatic conveying speed adjustable