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  1. The technical parameter of the main pot (3 layers ):

No. Item Technical parameter

1.1 volume: Design volume :120L;working capacity:100L; Load factor: 0.8

1.2 Heating method: Electric heating, water cooling Rated pressure:

0.2Mpa 1.3 Structure: 3 layers, the blender is one direction and double stable blender, bottom homogenizing;

1.4 The material of the tank:

The material contact part: SUS316L; Thickness:3mm; Imported

Middle: SUS304, thickness: 3mm Heat preservation:

Aluminum silicate Shall layer:2mm

1.5 Cover craft:

Material filer, Vacuum pressure gauge, Vacuum removing valve, Vacuum port, Positive pressure inlet, clean ball, Light for the view, View window, spice inlet,

No dead corners,

1.6 Blending method: One directional blending, and with scraper of Teflon Material: SUS316L

Blender: Blending power :1.5KW,speed :0~63r/min; beide

1.7 Machining: Rotor and stator with wire-electrode cutting and mirror polish

1.8 Sealing: Japan Bearing;

1.9 Polishing : 300EMSH(Sanitation grade),Meet GMP requirement 320U

  1. Electric controller system technical parameter:

2.1 Electric


Shell material: SUS304 thickness: 2mm Instrument: temperature gauge, time digital display meter, current voltmeter DELIXI Button control

Electrical component: including all kinds of relays DELIXI

2.2 Temperature

control: Bottom plug-in type, sanitation grade: PT100,50-200 degree M12 threaded

connection type

Homogenizing method: homogenizer; bottom homogenizing, Internal recycle type Material: SUS316L

Homogenizer: Homogenizing power:4KW, Speed :0~3000r/min beide Germany mechanical seal,